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We innovate, build, and deliver information and data solutions

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Culture should be your competitive advantage.

Unitonomy is a studio discovering solutions that empower people to perform their best work, together. Sometimes that starts at the top with leadership. Sometimes it’s the systems and processes. Sometimes it starts with developing the individual.

Welcome to the moneyball moment for culture analytics

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COLLECT: You can’t improve your company’s culture if you don’t know how or what to measure.

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LEARN: Analytics keep a pulse on your org’s workplace culture, while measuring performance through the lens of collaboration, equity and influence.

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LEAD: Predicting outcomes from culture data with actionable insights means leaders can finally be strategic about culture.

Catch every reminder with GLVVV 🧤

Turn the Habit of Emailing Yourself

Into Your Superpower.

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GLVVV provides a place that only you can send email. No new email address needed.

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Everytime you find something you want to remember,
just toss it to GLVVV does the rest.

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GLVVV automatically organizes all the information, making it instantly searchable, relevant, and usable.

Early Validation for Unitonomy

Render Capital Competition Winner
Early Validation for Unitonomy
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Data privacy and security

Data privacy and security

We never read or store your conversations.
only captures the information provided directly.

Use Cases

Leader with Remote Teams

How does Culture Management Software help a Leader with Remote Teams?

Your company has teams in multiple locations and time zones. You’ve found the right talent to grow your business, but managing teams across distance is challenging.

Founder with Rapidly Scaling Startup

How does Culture Management Software help a Founder with Rapidly Scaling Startup?

Your company is growing rapidly, but you face challenges onboarding new hires and scaling your culture smoothly.

Remote Worker Concerned about Collaboration

How does Culture Management Software Help a Culture Manager Change Culture?

You’re in charge of making sure your company cultivates a resilient culture, but you need a way to measure and guide real-time progress toward this goal.

Unitonomy Was Born Out of Research

Unitonomy’s systems are based on scientific research, providing you and your team with well tested solutions. In other words, we take proven processes and turn them into software.

See why so many culture experts LOVE OrgVitals

OrgVitals empowers culture managers and consultants to lead culture improvements through data driven insights. 

Culture Management Blog Posts

Investors and the SEC Are Requiring Workplace Culture Audits and Human Capital Disclosures ...

What are Culture Audits and Human Capital Disclosures, What Do You Need to Know, and How Do You Prepare Them? Typically companies pour 85% of their capital into their people, yet...

Anonymous and confidential employee surveys on the blockchain ...

OrgVitals offers fully anonymous and confidential “zero knowledge” employee surveys that do not track any identifying information about the employees Unitonomy startup is thrilled to offer encrypted, decentralized employee surveys...

What Do Companies Need to Rethink to Prepare for the Future of Work? ...

Vation Ventures examines what companies need to rethink about their culture post-pandemic as they prepare for the future of work As organizations prepare for the future of work, it’s critical they...

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Work Culture Management

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Companies use a company culture survey as a tool to collect sentiment from employees to assess and improve the workplace and organizational culture.

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Finding a company culture consultant that fits your organization takes more consideration than simply knowing where to look for a consultant.

Hiring a Head of Remote?

The role Head of Remote Work has the critical job of ensuring every remote employee is set up for success.

Unitonomy Culture Canvas

Use this canvas to orient conversations about what elements of your culture need strategic planning.

A Buyer’s Guide For Choosing The Best Culture Analytics Software

Use this guide to know what questions when choosing the right culture analytics for your organization.

Remote Work & Employee Connection

The User Manual of Me

Generate a fun, playful presentation that’s all about you. Share your deck to foster better awareness in your collaborations. This is a great team-building exercise for remote teams!

Our Favorite Tools for Remote Work & Remote Collaboration

Unitonomy has a distributed team and these are our favorite tools for remote work and remote collaboration.

How to Improve Internal Communication for Remote Teams

Effective communication is critical to organizational success, but how do you improve internal communication for remote teams?

Work Rituals for Remote Work

Work rituals build resilience for remote teams facing a “new normal” during the Covid-19 pandemic.

How to Improve Remote Work Collaboration

Remote work has many challenges when it comes to communication. Here are some principles and proven tactics to improve remote work collaboration.

Employee Emotional Well-being

Checking the Emotional Well-being of Your Team

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, you can check the emotional well-being of your team with this quick diagnostic tool you can use right now.

Emotional Resilience Report

Courtesy of Jonny Miller (Curious Humans) & Jan Chipchase (Studio D), this summarizes findings from a survey that focused on stressors and burn-out in the workplace.

Are you a culture consultant? OrgVitals is an end-to-end assessment solution for your clients. Learn more!