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Introducing the newest member of the culture management family: Glvvv

Do you email yourself? Glvvv provides a place that only you can send email. Glvvv automatically organizes all the information. Everytime you find something you want to remember, just toss it to to catch. Glvvv does the rest. Coming soon!

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OrgVitals monitors culture and measures performance through the lens of collaboration.

Get Commit

GetCommit is knowledge transfer software that builds connections between knowledge and people to change culture.

Unitonomy products don’t replace your existing collaboration tools.
They’re geared to compliment them.

Microsoft Teams


People Analytics

Backed by research, OrgVitals is the only people analytics system that looks at performance through the context of collaboration.

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Understand how employees are feeling about their experience.

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Measure performance in the context of collaboration.

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Assess how your organizational culture is trending.


Connect the Dots

GetCommit is knowledge transfer software that builds connections between information and people to change culture.

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Seamlessly connect information from across your fragmented systems.

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Effortlessly connect people to the right information.

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Enjoyably connect people to each other.

Data privacy and security

Data privacy and security

We never read or store your conversations.
only captures the information provided directly.

Early Validation for Unitonomy

Early Validation for Unitonomy
Vogt Award Winner
Top Startup to Watch in 2020

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Use Cases

Leader with Remote Teams

How does Culture Management Software help a Leader with Remote Teams?

Your company has teams in multiple locations and time zones. You’ve found the right talent to grow your business, but managing teams across distance is challenging.

Founder with Rapidly Scaling Startup

How does Culture Management Software help a Founder with Rapidly Scaling Startup?

Your company is growing rapidly, but you face challenges onboarding new hires and scaling your culture smoothly.

Remote Worker Concerned about Collaboration

How does Culture Management Software Help a Culture Manager Change Culture?

You’re in charge of making sure your company cultivates a resilient culture, but you need a way to measure and guide real-time progress toward this goal.

Unitonomy Was Born Out of Research

Unitonomy’s systems are based on scientific research, providing you and your team with well tested solutions. In other words, we take proven processes and turn them into software.

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Unitonomy products are free to try, easy to set up, and work seamlessly together.

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