Anonymous and confidential employee surveys on the blockchain

OrgVitals offers fully anonymous and confidential “zero knowledge” employee surveys that do not track any identifying information about the employees

Unitonomy startup is thrilled to offer encrypted, decentralized employee surveys that do not track any identifying information about the employees participating in the survey. For organizations that struggle to get truthful employee feedback because of employee fears of retribution, these confidential and anonymous, blockchain-based surveys are a groundbreaking mechanism to earn employee trust. OrgVitals is quickly setting a higher industry standard for employee data privacy, security, and integrity.

Create all types of anonymous and confidential employee surveys on the blockchain with

With zero tracking, the system has zero knowledge of who is providing survey feedback. This ensures maximum data privacy for employees, when it comes to the confidentiality and anonymity of participating in the surveys. These surveys do not track IP addresses or use cookies of any sort. These employee surveys are truly confidential and anonymous.

Using blockchain technology, this OrgVitals feature promises maximum security when it comes to data protection. Because of the decentralized nature of blockchain technology where there is no cloud server system, there is no backend to hack or leak sensitive employee data. When you pair the decentralized data collection and storage with encryption, then you have the world’s most secure employee survey technology. 

While OrgVitals continues to recommend using the core OrgVitals system to track feedback to specific employees to understand individual employee experiences, as well as segmented demographic data sets, the blockchain survey solution is an ideal mechanism for low-trust organizations to start collecting honest employee feedback and organizational culture data.

All of the OrgVital survey templates are available in the new blockchain system. 

Due to the technological nature of the blockchain and in order to preserve the confidential nature of the survey data, employee feedback collected in the blockchain surveys remains gated outside of the core, cloud-based OrgVitals system. This firewall preserves the strict data privacy and security standards that these blockchain surveys offer.

Additional benefits of the blockchain surveys include flexible survey types, including the ability to ask employees for comments (short or long answer). 

The benefits of using confidential and anonymous employee surveys

Low-trust organizations rarely get honest feedback from employee surveys. In fact, the culture survey participation rates are often 50% lower in low-trust organizations compared to organizations with medium to high trust. That means if employees do not trust the survey will maintain confidentiality and anonymity, the employees will feat retribution for their honest survey answers.

The biggest benefit to using confidential employee surveys is getting more, truthful data. That means better participation rates and the participants feel more comfortable being honest in their survey answers because there is no risk of retaliation for negative responses. 

When to use an anonymous and confidential employee surveys?

If your organization does not maintain decent levels of vertical trust (OrgVitals has a culture assessment template for measuring vertical trust) — meaning employees do not trust the leadership or their managers with knowing their responses, then a smart place to start collecting employee feedback is by offering employee surveys with maximum confidentiality and data security. The OrgVitals blockchain survey technology is the perfect solution for this low-trust scenario. 

Once trust is established with the employees that the survey data is used to aggregate findings about the organizational culture, we recommend graduating the organization from the confidential surveys to non-confidential surveys. The reason to use non-confidential surveys, where feedback is tracked to each employee, is for micro insights about each employee’s experience and the experiences of demographic segments. OrgVitals uniquely maps all employees in an organization, workplace or facility to understand how collaboration shapes the organizational culture. This network map visualization helps explain employee equity and who influences the culture.

Are employee engagement surveys really confidential?

Many employee surveys fail in low-trust organizations because they do not provide confidentiality and anonymity for employees to be honest in their responses. The benefits of using confidential and anonymous employee surveys are avoiding inaccurate or untruthful answers. 

What does “zero knowledge” confidential and anonymous surveys mean?

A “zero knowledge” confidential survey means there is no participant tracking whatsoever — no cookies, no IP address collection, nothing. With all the survey data encrypted and stored on a decentralized blockchain, the anonymous employee data can’t be hacked because there is no server or cloud-based database to access.

Why do workers distrust employers?

Employee engagement surveys tend to have flaws preventing leaders from really understanding things like engagement and morale. Some companies find it difficult to get employees to complete the survey. The most often cited reason for an employee not completing a culture survey is for fear of retribution. Some workers worry the survey would not protect an employee’s anonymity so they refuse to fill them out. Most such surveys are anonymous but not confidential. This is where OrgVitals has a unique solution.

Beyond just using a third-party survey provider like OrgVitals to ensure results remain confidential and anonymous, OrgVitals offers blockchain surveys to ensure maximum data security and data privacy. 

How to communicate how confidential surveys work with your employees?

Set expectations with employees about the purpose of the culture surveys. Once you explain why participating in the survey is important, then explain why their honesty is important. To ensure their honesty, detail how the system and survey process protects them from retribution.

Here are the keys messages to highlight when you explain how confidential surveys work with your employees:

  • Getting everyone to provide honest feedback is critical to understanding how to improve the workplace culture.
  • The surveys are anonymous, meaning the surveys will not ask you to identify yourself.
  • The surveys are confidential, meaning the system does not track anything about you and the data is stored in a way that no one will be able to match data to a specific person.
  • The survey data is encrypted and stored decentralized on a blockchain for maximum security. There is no cloud-based database that can be hacked.

What are the types of surveys offered with the OrgVitals blockchain survey technology?

Text-based surveys:

  • Short Text
  • Long Text
  • Number

Choice-based surveys:

  • Choose Single
  • Choose Multiple
  • Drop Down Single
  • Drop Down Multiple
  • Matrix Single
  • Matrix Multiple

Scale-style surveys:

  • Scales
  • Rating
  • Ranking
  • Opinion Scale
  • Experience Management
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