Paradise Lost? 10 Problems With Working From Home

Oh sure, the glamorous life of working from home may sound divine, especially when parked on the interstate on your daily commute, but friends, let me tell you, THERE IS STRUGGLE. THERE IS HARDSHIP. THERE IS…A LOT OF SNACKING.

10 Problems With Working From Home (in no particular order):

  1. No compelling reason to put on pants.
  2. The stinky thing someone microwaved for lunch that is now smelling up the place…is all on you since the dog can’t reach the buttons.
  3. No co-workers to admire your fancy new kicks. That is if you made it to the point of putting them on (see #1)
  4. Your real wife/husband is your work wife/husband and they REALLY don’t want to hear you vent about your in-laws’ visit this weekend.
  5. Can’t blame poor fluorescent office lighting for the office plant’s death from sheer neglect.
  6. Unable to participate in Bike-To-Work Day
  7. Office potluck is same old lunch from last night’s dinner.
  8. Coffee break now includes laundry.
  9. Video conference participants now judging your home decor / Whitesnake poster choices in the background of your call.
  10. Stepping on kids’ Legos not covered by workers comp

While the above problems may be real, the biggest challenge facing remote workers is effective, clear communication. Inefficient communication is the silent killer of companies, and this problem gets compounded when teams are working remotely. With the Unitonomy system, our research-based virtual colleague drives and incentivizes meaningful communication in the tools you’re already using, while measuring and improving collaboration across all your people, far and wide. Unitonomy is the missing tool for teams working side by side or around the globe.

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