How does Culture Management Software help a Founder with Rapidly Scaling Startup?

Founder with Rapidly Scaling Startup

When Jamie and the two other co-founders started their tech startup three years ago, they dreamed of the day their product finally got a foothold and gained traction. It’s been a wild ride with all kinds of ups and downs, but that day is here and things are starting to explode with growth. The excitement and energy Jamie imagined would come with this day are all around.  But so are some challenges Jamie didn’t expect.

Up until this point, the co-founders added the initial team members slowly. Most of the earliest hires were people the founders knew already, some for years and years. Another one, a programmer with very specific experience, took longer to find. They really got to know that hire through the interview process. Hiring that programmer was a milestone because it finally put them at a point of getting actual office space. They moved out of Jamie’s living room. The team was still pretty small though, and they could do company outings in two cars. At their weekly happy hour six months ago, they all still fit around one table at the local microbrewery

Now things are taking off and the staff size is ballooning. They started five new people just last week. Somehow, most of the HR pieces have ended up in Jamie’s lap.  This is in addition to the parts of the company focused on product development that are actually in Jamie’s wheelhouse. In fact, the HR work is now taking up much more of Jamie’s time than the dev work. It’s not the best use of Jamie’s skill sets and Jamie is drowning in HR-related paperwork and processes. They aren’t big enough to hire a dedicated HR person yet (at least according to their investors), so Jamie is stuck for now.

On top of all that, it’s a constant race to get all the new hires up to speed on things.  They need to make sure they feel part of the company and not like they are outside the inner circle of the first few hires. Despite being part of their hiring process, Jamie forgot a new hire’s name the other day. It was embarrassing and made the employee uncomfortable. That’s not the experience Jamie wants for their team. Jamie and the other co-founders want their company to be a great place to work and one that is really beloved by their employees. They’ve talked about how to keep that family feel it used to have, but the recent growth is exposing some pretty big gaps in that ambition. It turns out, cultivating a great culture as you grow takes intentional work and sometimes that can get lost in the chaos of startup life. Jamie worries if they don’t foster that culture, they may start to see turnover and further add to the HR workload. And Jamie knows who will be dealing with that workload.

Jamie needs a way to offload some of the HR work until there’s staff to handle it. Jamie needs a way to get the new hires on-boarded and integrated into the company quickly. Jamie needs a way to effectively build that scalable culture the co-founders dream of having in their growing company. And Jamie needs a solution with painless implementation. 

OrgVitals software helps growing teams scale their culture seamlessly. Think of cultivating an org’s culture as an activity that produces compound interest.  A few small actions with Unitonomy today will have a huge impact later and save loads of time down the road. OrgVitals makes it easy to keep a finger on the real-time pulse of the company’s culture, right now and at any point during its growth.  OrgVitals allows Jamie to measure how the team is collaborating and communicating.  Jamie can also measure how the new hire onboarding process is going.  From there, Jamie can plan for growth and address areas needing improvement.

Unitonomy’s culture management software products help Jamie cultivate, manage, and improve how the team works together, today and at any point in the company’s growth.

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