A Better Way To Email Yourself

Glvvv Is The Inbox That’s
Just For You.

Let Glvvv organize your reminders.

Turn the Habit of Emailing Yourself

Into Your Superpower.

Glvvv provides a place that only you can send email. No new email address needed.

Everytime you find something you want to remember,
just toss it to @Glvvv.com. Glvvv does the rest.

Glvvv automatically organizes all the information, making it instantly searchable, relevant, and usable.

You’re juggling a ton of digital information.

Don’t Drop the Balls.

You email yourself because you’re busy and sending an email is fast and easy.

The problem is your email inbox was designed for communicating with others, not yourself. And your inbox is a noisy mess where things get lost and forgotten.

Glvvv is designed specifically for you and only you. It’s fast, it’s easy, and it feels like magic.

Here’s how it works

From any email address, just send or forward an email to @glvvv.com.

How you address the email is how the information gets organized.

Here’s an example

Come across a task you need to add to your list? Send an email to tasks@glvvv.com and that information gets saved in your tasks Glvvvbox.

No need to set up the “tasks” email address in advance.

Glvvv creates a dedicated “tasks” Glvvvbox AFTER you send the email, so everything is captured in the right place.

No need to spend time categorizing or organizing.

Rest Assured You Can Find What You Need Later.

Glvvv is built by Unitonomy and the makers of GetCommit, a product that reimagines knowledge transfer for companies.

Building off the learnings of how to connect people to knowledge,
we created Glvvv to achieve the same for the individual.

Instead of transferring information and knowledge between multiple people,
Glvvv helps individuals retain information and knowledge.

The trick to our systems is to make it fast to capture the things you need to retain AND to make it easy to connect the things by association for recall.

Rely on Glvvv to Catch All Your Things.

What do you email yourself? Notes? Reminders? Links? Attachments? Images?
You field a lot of digital information. Glvvv has you covered.

Glvvv is FREE

The basic version of Glvvv is free. The full version is less than $1 a week.
(perfect if you need unlimited Glvvvboxes, full data privacy,
and to send from multiple email accounts)

Made with love by Unitonomy

Unitonomy makes next generation culture management software
to help organizations cultivate, manage and scale amazing work culture.

GetCommit Logo

Once you’re capturing and organizing your own information with Glvvv, you should extend that easy habit to your entire team. Take a look at Unitonomy’s GetCommit. GetCommit is a beautifully simple system for improving work culture through collaborative knowledge capture and deliberate and meaningful communication.

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