Introducing GetCommit: Knowledge Transfer Software

Software fragmentation disrupts knowledge transfer. And the solution is not more meetings.

GetCommit Product Overview, knowledge transfer for remote teams

GetCommit launches on Product Hunt on August 5!

For knowledge workers, work communication is all over the place. The disconnect is not just fragmented systems making a mess. So many messages, so many channels, so many apps. Things get lost. Information is missed. Connection dissolves. And now work is going remote? Unitonomy’s knowledge transfer software is here to rescue you and your colleagues!

I bet you know the story: dozens and dozens of applications used across multiple teams inside an organization with knowledge stuck inside each one. These application silos stifle communication. Then the organization stacks Slack or Microsoft Teams on top of email. This helps with transparency but it’s like adding water to an electrical fire. Now there’s a ton of noise. Which leads to more meetings and video conferences to bridge the communication gaps.

We think there’s a better way. Introducing GetCommit by Unitonomy.

Internal communication works like the central nervous system of an organization: all types of information, knowledge and emotion are relayed. Sometimes the signal is pleasure and sometimes it’s pain. That’s ok so long as the signal is getting through. But communication is broken if there’s paralysis (signals are not sending) or an abundance of noise (signals are not receiving). That’s where GetCommit comes in: effortlessly reinforce the connections. Strengthen the synapse.

GetCommit doesn’t replace your work communication systems. It augments them. 

GetCommit is an effortless knowledge transfer system that works with the tools you already use. Improve your internal communication and change your work culture.

How it works is simple:

  1. PUSH: Capture important info from any app, it’s as simple as forwarding an email (literally just send anything to GETCOMMIT automatically categorizes it inside knowledge repositories.
  2. PULL: Using a buddy system, GETCOMMIT pairs colleagues and works like a game to pull knowledge and people together. Form better alignment and bonding in a matter of days.

Traditional knowledge bases are dead ends. With our push+pull mechanics, GetCommit is an active, living system that connects people and connects people to knowledge.

Commit anything to GetCommit, it's as easy as forwarding an email. GetCommit automatically categorizes the information.

GetCommit pairs seamlessly with Slack. This integration offers the Slack shortcut to quickly capture any note, link or comment.

And what gets me most excited is to know where GetCommit is headed with A.I. (hello GPT-3!). To take advantage of AI in the future with your organization’s knowledge, you have to start capturing that knowledge today!

We hope you’ll try GetCommit with your team for free and join us on the ride. Thank you, Charley and the Unitonomy team

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