The Turnkey Analytics System For Culture Consultants

Let OrgVitals help you find customers, assess employee sentiment, and generate visual presentations.

The Turnkey People Analytics Software

Save time while impressing clients

OrgVitals measures what matters most: how your people perform together. This means understanding each individual’s experience, their collaborative potential vs performance, and regularly capturing the sentiment of the work culture.

Forget measuring performance in the silo of the individual

Research-backed assessments that run themselves

Visibility into trends of employee engagement, employee sentiment around the employee experience, peer review of collaborations, and general morale of your clients’ work culture.

Understand employee experience across critical areas

Track trends across the employee experience

Remote work has changed how employees engage; OrgVitals assess critical areas like engagement, connectedness, stress, and capacity.

Monitor your culture to see if it’s improving

Focus on your clients

Consultants leverage OrgVitals to manage assessments and data visualizations, freeing them to provide insights and actionable coaching to their clients.

As a culture consultant with OrgVitals, you will spend less time managing data and more time focused on how to action improvements based on the data.

Data privacy and security

Data privacy and security

We never read or store your conversations.
only captures the information provided directly.

We’re Making it Easy to Monitor What Matters

OrgVitals manages itself. Employees are notified to participate weekly in research-based assessments — just a few minutes at a time. Culture consultants are provided with a gorgeous dashboard that’s filled with analytics. The data is ready to segment and present. Or export images or CSVs. It’s all waiting for you.

What We’re Hearing

Dr. Brad Shuck

Researcher at the University of Louisville

OrgVitals is the only assessment I’m aware of that digs this deeply into employee engagement in a way that
is evidenced-based. It is well grounded in the decision sciences, and gives leaders the data they need to drive performance and wellbeing at the individual and team levels. Actionable and evidenced-based. OrgVitals is literally cracking the code on assessing employee engagement.

Martin Low

OnPlane Consulting

I wish we had OrgVitals years ago. It would have saved
us a ton of time harnessing data and generating data slides for our presentations. Now we can focus on what we love doing: coaching our clients to help them cultivate their culture.

Performance in the Context of Collaboration

With OrgVitals collaboration is visualized across the organization.

With OrgVitals, you’ll learn which people raise the performance of their team versus which people are holding their teams back.

transfer helpers

It’s proven that team performance is vaulted by great collaborators. We call these people transfer helpers — they’re good listeners and communicators, they’re willing to help others, and their a wealth of institutional knowledge.

 transfer inhibitors

On the flip side, there are transfer inhibitors — people who repeat the same question, can’t find information on their own, and present a distraction to their team. These people ruin productivity and pull team performance way down.

Once you’re measuring your culture with OrgVitals, you should think about cultivating it too. Take a look at Unitonomy’s GetCommit. GetCommit is a beautifully simple system for improving work culture through deliberate and meaningful communication.

Are you a culture consultant? OrgVitals is an end-to-end assessment solution for your clients. Learn more!