PRESS RELEASE: Unitonomy Launches Culture Reputation to Build the IMDB of Company Culture Through Jackpots

10,000 reasons why you should tell Culture Reputation about your organization’s culture

LOUISVILLE, Kentucky, Jan. 4, 2021 — Unitonomy, Inc. today announced the alpha version of Culture Reputation catalogs workplace culture through open surveys. Participants take a brief, anonymous assessment about their work organization to get a free chance to win $10,000.

Unitonomy founder and CEO Charley Miller explains the vision of Culture Reputation as building “the Internet Movie Database of company cultures.” He notes the purpose is about more than giving out prizes. “Most companies know work culture is a competitive advantage. We want to provide a public database that showcases great cultures to provide organizations with leverage when it comes to recruiting.”

Anyone can take the anonymous 7-minute assessment. As a former game designer, Miller knows the right incentives motivate the masses to participate. Participants get free entry into a $10,000 jackpot as a thank you for participating. On top of the jackpot, the person that refers the winner also gets $5000.

University of Louisville employee engagement expert and researcher Dr. Brad Shuck, an advisor to Unitonomy, expressed excitement for the new service: “Culture Reputation is primed to change the game of how people gravitate toward jobs. For decades, leaders have focused on how much employees can produce. Culture Reputation focuses on a company’s reputation for how it feels to do the work, everyday. And the research is clear: work environment and culture are directly connected to how much we work, how inspired we are, and what our levels of engagement look like. Every organization better start monitoring their scores on Culture Reputation.”

The assessment does not store personal data. A clever scheme validates employment verification between each participant and organization. And a simple code system validates the winner when the individual steps forward.

Culture Reputation appears to be a competitor to Glassdoor. Whereas Glassdoor works like Yelp, filled with testimonial reviews as a job board, Culture Reputation is data driven and purely focused on assessing culture.

The plan is to launch an initial assessment as the alpha experiment. With enough interest, Unitonomy plans to release a beta version with company profiles showcasing each organization’s assessment data, along with rolling jackpots.

Unitonomy is a Louisville-based, venture-backed startup. The company is behind, an end-to-end culture assessment system for culture consultants and culture managers. Unitonomy began 2020 by being named a top startup to watch in the Louisville region by Business First. Later in the year, Unitonomy raised about $500,000 from early stage investors, including Render Capital.

The assessment is now available to anyone in the United States. Get your free entry for the $10,000 jackpot by visiting Or simply share the link to get the $5000 prize for referring the winner. Full details around the rules and terms of the contest are linked from the front page of the website.


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Culture Reputation Logo
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