Remote Team Building: Generate a Fun Presentation That’s a “User Manual of You”

Easily Create and Share Your PDF Slides With Your Team

Introducing the free Unitonomy tool called “The User Manual of You.” Just by answering the questions that you choose to respond to, this service will automatically generate a beautiful presentation. It’s playful yet important: we’ve designed the manual to foster better collaboration between colleagues. We think this is essential for remote collaboration.

We’re excited to share this tool at a moment when remote teams need new ways to bond and connect. With video conference fatigue setting in after many months of work from home because of the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s healthy for teams to call timeout to reconnect. Since social distancing doesn’t allow for lunches together or other in-person bonding interactions, please take advantage of the free tool as an activity to build interpersonal knowledge (and have a little fun!).

Generating your presentation is really easy and fast. There’s a growing list of categories that each user gets to choose from:

One can respond to a few or to all of the categories. The categories include graphing your core responsibilities, a personality quiz, explaining your strengths and weaknesses, naming areas you’re trying to improve, and several playful items like two truths and lie.

Responding to a prompt looks like this:

After you answer the questions in one category, you’ll be returned to the menu.

Tell the system when you’re done. The system will automatically design and generate your presentation! Then you can export your PDF presentation. It will look like this:

We’ll email you a private link that you can share with your colleagues. The User Manual becomes a team bonding exercise when everyone creates their own. 

Alternatively, consider posting your link on your LinkedIn profile or submitting with your next job application. Because the User Manual is a fantastic expression of how you operate as a collaborator, use this presentation to advertise the benefit of having you on a team. 

Spread the word. The User Manual is free. We hope you enjoy sharing it as much as we enjoyed making it!

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