How does Culture Management Software Help a Culture Manager Change Culture?

Chris recently came on board as the Vice President of Culture for a growing tech company.  It’s a new position and an opportunity to shape the organization’s first real culture strategy.  Chris is thrilled to be in the role and excited to make a difference in the work environment.

Remote Worker Concerned about Collaboration

The C-suite at this organization understands how important workplace culture is to the success of the company.  They support and empower Chris to make changes and drive impact.  They want Chris to lay the groundwork for strong culture that can attract new hires and retain great talent. They also want the organization’s culture to strengthen the company brand outside of the organization.  It’s a big task, but also a critical one.

Before starting on this big task, Chris needs data.  The company started doing employee satisfaction surveys a few years ago, back when they hired their first human resources person.  Chris found some old archived folders with spreadsheets and annual reports saved in them.  The company has grown so much, however, most of the current employees weren’t here when the last survey took place.

Chris wants something without that lag time.  Problems pop up in between surveys and Chris always feels behind in addressing them.  Access to that information in real-time would make a huge difference.  It would also be great to get employee engagement information without chasing down responses. Or hounding department heads to get employees to complete surveys. Chris wants to build a great culture and needs something better than occasional surveys to measure progress toward that goal. On top of that, it would be nice to have all that data in a format that was readily accessible.  Even better if it was easy to track and drop into reports for senior leadership. Chris wants to spend more time working on the culture strategy and execution, and less time merging spreadsheet data. 

Recently one of their divisions has had some departures.  Ok, a lot of departures and the retention issue is probably why his role was created. The exiting employees all gave plausible reasons for leaving.  Chris has a nagging feeling, however, that there’s something else behind the turnover with that particular team.  It would be nice to have insight into what’s going on.  It’s challenging to do that from outside the division, however.  Chris has met with the remaining team members individually and with the team manager. There are definitely some communication issues at play and Chris wishes there was a way to tackle that piece right away.  

This is where OrgVitals comes in. OrgVitals gives Chris real-time insight into the company’s culture.  Chris can measure the impact of the culture strategy at any time and give company leadership a clear picture of how things are trending.  No emailing, no hounding, no merging spreadsheets. All that information and data compiles instantly into a user-friendly dashboard and is ready for presentations.  It makes tracking culture performance a breeze.  Chris can measure the culture changes in the struggling team, and validate that performance management and collaboration are improving.

What’s unique about OrgVitals is how all the employee get mapped on a network map to reveal how employee influence and equity. This gives Chris a roadmap to see specific pockets and demographic segments within the employee population that need attention and deeper dialogue.

OrgVitals helps Chris cultivate, manage, and improve the company culture.  Chris knows where the organizational culture is today and can measure the success of tomorrow’s workplace culture.

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