Unitonomy Greatly Values Security and Privacy

ata privacy is job one for Unitonomy. No Unitonomy product or system monitors conversations, emails, or channels in Slack or Microsoft Teams. Unitonomy only listens to the responses you provide to Unitonomy’s questions. Unlike some of our competitors, your personal work data and your organization’s data is in your control and unseen by Unitonomy, except when provided explicitly to Unitonomy.


We model our technology in the aspects of the best consultants: ask lots of questions, be a good listener, consider everything learned carefully, and only make judgments with the information provided and avoid making assumptions which introduce bias. We never run hidden sentiment analysis because we understand the significant risk of bias with machine learning and AI algorithms.

Or as we like to say: eavesdropping leads to a bucket of bias so just don’t do it.

Unitonomy is a studio but leveraging founder Charley Miller’s experience with growing Touchcast (enterprise-grade video systems for internal communication which is SOC-2 compliant), we are building Unitonomy the right way in regards to using the best security practices and processes.

Take OrgVitals.com for example, a startup that grew out of the Unitonomy studio. OrgVitals offers confidential, anonymous employee surveys on the blockchain (with encryption) for “zero knowledge” employee feedback to mitigate employee retribution.

Be careful what products your organization chooses to help build your work culture — because your whole culture can be ruined in a heartbeat if the wrong product violates your privacy or security.

Signed, Charley Miller & the Unitonomy Team

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