Unitonomy Was Born Out of Research

nitonomy’s systems are based on scientific research, providing you and your team with well tested solutions. In other words, we take proven processes and turn them into software.

We’ve partnered with Dr. Brad Shuck out of the University of Louisville’s College of Education and Human Development to help companies easily measure employee engagement. Dr. Shuck has spent the past two decades researching employee engagement and its impact on organizations. He has developed the proprietary Employee Engagement Scale (EES) survey using the gathered data.

Dr. Shuck’s research has shown engaged employees make for more productive and profitable workplaces. But that engagement often drops off mere months into an employee’s tenure. How do you keep that new talent engaged and invested in your company? The backbone system of EES measures engagement and provides insight into how to improve the employee experience. Our OrgVitals tool is based on Dr. Shuck’s EES and gives you real-time insight into how your employees work together and their sense of engagement.

At Unitonomy, we are building the tools that help you build teams that work together better. Everything starts with listening to the individual and knowing how to cultivate their engagement and help them be a better collaborator.

At Unitonomy, we are building tools backed by decades of organizational culture and applied behavioral economics research. Not hunches.

Let’s work together better.

Are you a culture consultant? OrgVitals is an end-to-end assessment solution for your clients. Learn more!